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Process - repeatable success (repeatable success)

With a great story and a targeted audience, successful sales become formulaic. The theory is simple. The more calls you make, the more deals you’ll close. The practice is complex, which is where we come in.


Thrive builds customized processes to suit your company’s culture or evaluate the ones you may already have in place. Either way, we ensure the process is repeatable, consistent, metrics driven, and profitable. 

We analyze and iterate around 4 essential criteria:


  • Connect– Make outgoing calls. Send emails. Deliver proposals. We set daily and weekly expectations for the outgoing contacts your sales team makes.


  • Track – Record every contact. Schedule next steps. Each stage of the sale will have specific requirements. Meet them. Track them.  Close them.


  • Prioritize  - There are never enough hours in the day.  Make hard decisions, and get the important stuff done first.


  • Evaluate – Run reports. Analyze. Iterate. Understand what’s working and what’s not.


Yes, too much process can lead to a bureaucratic quagmire (think DMV). But without a defined process and the discipline to stick with it, you aren't really selling. Your pipelines dry up, sales cycles languish, opportunities fade, deals die, and your competitors eat your lunch.


Thrive powers processes which lead to predictable and recurring sales. It’s work which takes time and commitment.

The results, you can take to the bank.

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