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The Message  - the write stuff

Most organizations can explain what they do. Far fewer concisely connect the essential dots between what they do and why anyone should care. You have seconds (on a good day) to get and hold the attention of your prospect. Lead with what they care about, without the cliches and hold the malaise.

Thrive helps you clearly articulate your value propositions, making them consistent across all of your sales collateral. We translate features (what you do) into benefits (why your customers care) to guarantee that the value of your offering is easily understood and compelling to your target market (not just your dev team or immediate family members).

Our services include:

  • defining and refining your value statement
  • creating effective proposals.
  • writing engaging copy for your web site.
  • designing presentations.
  • drafting phone/email scripts to make your sales team highly effective

Everyone of your prospects is swamped, has other priorities, thinks in tweets, and is booked through Jan of 2022.  From URL to in-person meetings, your magic has to resonate within seconds.

We get you there.

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