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CEO and founder, Ed Manning

Since 1995, Ed Manning (never "Mr. Ed) has helped innovative technology companies make a lot of money.

Technology, Media and Innovation: Ed has sold a broad range of products and services, all designed to help companies drive traffic and revenues. They have ranged from electronic classifieds, customer service suites, and artificial intelligence, to interaction design, news aggregation and real-time content delivery.

Ed has logged many successful years selling and marketing for Thomson, NetSage, Pulse Media, NewsGator and SkyGrid. He has sold to almost every major US and Canadian Publisher, major US networks, mobile providers, financial institutions and publishers, hotels, luxury and travel companies, the US Government, Associated Press, Reuters, entertainment (music)companies, and ad agencies. 

Target.  Listen.  Meet needs.  Be clear, especially in terms of costs and value. Track. Be fearless, creative, and persistent.  Never end a call or leave a meeting without knowing the next action item. Don’t get seduced by good intentions (who loves ya, baby). Prioritize.  Get it done.  Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

Rinse and repeat.

Through Thrive, Ed instills these practices, coaches these skills, and sets up a processes to support them. They will drive success for any product or service, in any market.